Services & Practice Area

We have experienced in supporting foreign and domestic companies in large, intermediate, and small-scale projects. As your law firm, we can help you by:

  • Preparing laws and regulations or Code of conduct;
  • Preparing/reviewing tender documents as well as bid document;
  • Providing legal opinion;
  • Performing Legal Due Diligence;
  • Drafting and reviewing various projects and commercial contracts;
  • Advising and/or representing client in a contract negotiation.
  • Representing client in dispute resolutions.

Foreign Direct Investment

Any FDI needs guidance as well as local insights of laws & regulations in Indonesia. Trust the matter with us. Our scope of services in this area are among others:

  • Providing due diligence report regarding compliance to the applicable  law and regulation in connection with the particular business of in investment;
  • Providing legal opinion regarding the most suitable form of business presence in Indonesia;
  • Assisting on the application to obtain licenses from Indonesia investment coordinating board and related ministry;
  • Drafting agreement between investor & local partner;
  • Represent client in a contract negotiation. 

Energy, Oil & Gas

Together with our team, your company can conduct operational in energy sectors legal-hassle-free. Our scope of services in this area are among others:

  • Preparing academic paper of law and regulation;
  • Drafting and reviewing contract related to both upstream & downstream  oil & gas industry;
  • Representing client in contract negotiation; 
  • Performing legal due diligence prior to the transfer of participating interest and other transactions in the industry;
  • Assisting client in tender process to ensure compliance with laws and regulation;
  • Representing client in a dispute resolution either through non-litigation (i.a mediation & consolidation) or litigation forum (i.a arbitration and national court). 

Projects & Natural Resources

We assist clients’ corporate actions within projects & natural resources transaction. Our scope of services in this area are among others:

  • Assisting Independent Power Producer (IPP) in its corporate actions and contract negotiations;
  • Providing legal opinion regarding assignment of mining license and transition from concession to license regime;
  • Drafting and reviewing contract related to the project, i.a Engineering  Procurement Construction Instalation (EPCI) contract, Power Purchase Agreement, Joint Operating  Agreement;
  • Providing guidance and legal opinion regarding asset acquisition.

General Corporate Law

We believe that whatever your business is, legal advices and backups is a must. Thus, we provide you only the best. Our scope of services in this area are among others:

  • Providing legal opinion regarding implementation of Indonesia Company Law; 
  • Preparing and reviewing agreements in relation to the establishment of Indonesia limited liability, corporate action (i.a. shareholder agreement, joint venture agreement, share sale purchase agreement, pledge of share);
  • Assisting client to conduct corporate action, i.e. conduct legal due diligence  and drafting required documents as well as providing legal advice.

Entertainment Law

You ever caught up in a thought of “entertainment is a risky business”? It won’t be if you trust us as your legal advisor. Our scope of services in this area are among others :

  • Preparing and reviewing agreement such as brand ambassador agreement, strategic marketing and promotion, advertising service agreement, event organizing agreement;
  • Representing client in the contract negotiation.

Dispute Resolution

Handling our clients’ legal issues is our passion. Let us represent you before Arbitration or Indonesia National Court. Our scope of services in this area are among others:

  • Representing client and defend its right in connection with wide range legal issues  before Indonesia national court (i.e. district, high and supreme court) and; 
  • Representing client and defend its right in connection with wide range legal issues before commercial arbitration (i.e. Indonesia National Arbitration Board, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, International Chamber of Commerce).